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Episode Studies
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This is PopApostle's home for studies of Twin Peaks, including the 1990-1991 TV episodes, 1992 movie, assorted books, and the 2017 continuation series that debuted on Showtime. I will be presenting my studies relating to each, such as commentary on the forensics and supernatural details described, sound bits of memorable dialog, screen grabs, and my own musings.


Season 1
Twin Peaks: The Autobiography of F.B.I. Special Agent Dale Coope Twin Peaks: Wrapped in Plastic Twin Peaks: Northwest Passage Twin Peaks: Traces to Nowhere Twin Peaks: Zen, or the Skill to Catch a Killer
The Autobiography of FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper Episode 0A:
"Wrapped in Plastic"
Episode 0B:
"Northwest Passage"
Episode 1:
"Traces to Nowhere"
Episode 2:
"Zen, or the Skill to Catch a Killer"
Book Episode 0A Episode 0B Episode 1 Episode 2
A record of the life of Dale Cooper from his own audio tape recordings since the age of 13. In the small, seemingly innocent Washington town of Twin Peaks, a bizarre and murderous series of events sends FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper to investigate, where he encounters unusual characters and strange goings-on. Cooper opens Laura’s diary and calls a town meeting; the murder site is located; young Audrey Horne speaks to the Norwegians. The results of Laura’s autopsy come in; Leo is missing a shirt; Norma bumps into Nadine; James meets Donna’s parents. Cooper employs an unusual deductive technique; the FBI forensics team arrives; Bobby and Mike meet Leo in the woods.
Twin Peaks: Rest in Pain Twin Peaks: The One-Armed Man Twin Peaks: Cooper's Dreams Twin Peaks: Realization Time Twin Peaks: The Last Evening
Episode 3:
"Rest in Pain"
Episode 4:
"The One-Armed Man"
Episode 5:
"Cooper's Dreams"
Episode 6:
"Realization Time"
Episode 7:
"The Last Evening"
Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6 Episode 7
Cooper relates his dream and attends Laura’s funeral; Dr. Hayward fights with Albert; Laura’s cousin Madeleine arrives in town; Norma’s husband comes up for parole. Cooper and Truman confront the One-Armed Man; Mrs. Palmer relates her visions; Audrey and Donna compare notes. Clues are found in Jacque’s apartment and Cooper finds a surprise in his room; Audrey gets a job; James and Donna conspire with Maddy; Hank comes home; the log speaks. James, Donna, and Maddy listen to the tape; Truman confronts Hank; Waldo is endangered; Audrey gets a new job; Cooper stakes out One-Eyed Jacks; Dr. Jacoby receives a videotape—from Laura. Looking for Laura, Jacoby is attacked; Leo seeks revenge; Jacques is arrested; Andy becomes a hero and then confronts Lucy; Nadine despairs; the Icelanders sign the Ghostwood contract.

Season 2
Twin Peaks: May the Giant Be With You Twin Peaks: Answers in Dreams "Diane..." The Twin Peaks Tapes of Agent Cooper Twin Peaks: Coma Twin Peaks: The Man Behind Glass
Episode 8A:
"May the Giant Be With You"
Episode 8B:
"Answers in Dreams"
The Twin Peaks Tapes of Agent Cooper
Episode 9:
Episode 10:
"The Man Behind Glass"
Episode 8A Episode 8B Audio Episode 9 Episode 10
Cooper receives a strange visitor after being shot; Audrey learns her father owns One-Eyed Jacks; Maddy has a vision; Albert returns. Cooper confronts Jacoby about the locket and Jacque’s death and receives another visit from the Giant; Ed tells Nadine’s story; Major Briggs reveals a dream to Bobby; Andy stands up to Albert. The recordings of Agent Cooper during the Laura Palmer murder investigation bring light to the man and the case. Cooper receives bad news about his former partner and the Giant returns; Ronette awakens from her coma; the log gives Major Briggs some advice; Maddy has another, more frightening, vision. Another letter is found placed under Ronette’s fingernail; Albert shares his philosophy; Gerard reveals his other self; Jacque and Bernard’s brother turns up for revenge; Dr. Jacoby undergoes hypnosis; Nadine awakens from her coma with unexpected side-effects.
Twin Peaks: The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer Twin Peaks: Laura's Secret Diary Twin Peaks: The Orchid's Curse Twin Peaks: Demons Twin Peaks: Lonely Souls
The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer Episode 11:
"Laura's Secret Diary"
Episode 12:
"The Orchid's Curse"
Episode 13:
Episode 14:
"Lonely Souls"
Book Episode 11 Episode 12 Episode 13 Episode 14
The (almost) complete secret diary of Laura Palmer. Leland is interrogated; Andy goes in for a sperm count; Jean Renault delivers a ransom message to Ben; Harold reads passages from Laura’s secret diary to Donna. Cooper discovers Audrey’s note; Nadine has trouble with the refrigerator door; Andy gets the results of his sperm test; the contents of Gerard’s syringe are analyzed. Truman recognizes Jean Renault; Bobby and Shelly receive the insurance check; Cooper’s supervisor, Gordon Cole, pays a visit; Hawk catches up to Gerard; Mr. Li threatens Josie while she reaches a stalemate with Ben. Harold commits suicide; Leo speaks; Audrey confronts her father; Shelly quits the Double-R; “Mike” leads the search for BOB while the log sends Cooper to the Roadhouse.
Twin Peaks: Drive With a Dead Girl Twin Peaks: Arbitrary Law Twin Peaks: Dispute Between Brothers Twin Peaks: Masked Ball Twin Peaks: The Black Widow
Episode 15:
"Drive With a Dead Girl"
Episode 16:
"Arbritary Law"
Episode 17:
"Dispute Between Brothers"
Episode 18:
"Masked Ball"
Episode 19:
"The Black Widow"
Episode 15 Episode 16 Episode 17 Episode 18 Episode 19
Leland disposes of Maddy’s body; Lucy returns with her sister; Bobby listens to Leo’s tape; Gerard escapes; Hank returns after 2 days absence; Truman and Cooper argue; Ben receives a message from Catherine. Catherine blackmails Ben; Leland sets his sights on Donna; Cooper assembles all of the suspects at the Roadhouse to discover who really killed Laura Palmer. The town mourns at Leland’s wake; Nadine goes back to high school; Catherine makes her presence known; Cooper says goodbye. While Cooper reports Major Briggs’ disappearance, a DEA agent arrives, and Windom Earle makes his next move; Nadine develops a crush on Mike; Dick becomes a Big Brother; Ben loses One-Eyed Jacks. Ben rearranges his office furniture and gives Bobby a job; Dougie Milford has a heart attack; Nadine tries out for wrestling; Dick fears for his life from little Nicky; Cooper looks into some property; the Air Force takes over the investigation into Major Briggs’ disappearance.
Twin Peaks: Checkmate Twin Peaks: Double Play Twin Peaks: Slaves and Masters Twin Peaks: The Condemned Woman Twin Peaks: Wounds and Scars
Episode 20:
Episode 21:
"Double Play"
Episode 22:
"Slaves and Masters"
Episode 23:
"The Condemned Woman"
Episode 24:
"Wounds and Scars"
Episode 20 Episode 21 Episode 22 Episode 23 Episode 24
Major Briggs is questioned about his disappearance; Dick and Andy investigate little Nicky’s past; Nadine puts the moves on Mike; Ben plays war games; Cooper is deputized. Leo stalks again; Hank recovers from the beating he took from Nadine; Cooper relates the story of Windom Earle; Mayor Milford sets out to avenge his brother’s death; Dr. Hayward reveals the truth about little Nicky. James is framed for murder; Albert fills Cooper in on Windom Earle’s recent activities while Leo becomes Earle’s slave; Eckhardt confronts Josie while Cooper uncovers damning evidence against her; General Lee leads the South to victory. Josie is shocked at Andrew’s liveliness and has her final confrontation with Eckhart while Hank implicates her in Andrew’s attempted murder and Albert implicates her in Cooper’s; Nadine breaks up with Ed; Ben strives to save the endangered pine weasel. Annie, Norma’s sister from the convent, arrives; Cooper learns a strange fact about Josie’s corpse and finds she has an Interpol dossier; Catherine receives a gift from the late Mr. Eckhardt; Cooper, Briggs, and the Log Lady compare notes.
Twin Peaks: On the Wings of Love Twin Peaks: Variations on Relations Twin Peaks:  The Path to the Black Lodge Twin Peaks: Miss Twin Peaks Twin Peaks: Beyond Life and Death
Episode 25:
"On the Wings of Love"
Episode 26:
"Variations on Relations"
Episode 27:
"The Path to the Black Lodge"
Episode 28:
"Miss Twin Peaks"
Episode 29:
"Beyond Life and Death"
Episode 25 Episode 26 Episode 27 Episode 28 Episode 29
Truman is attacked; Gordon reinstates Cooper, is strangely affected by Shelly’s voice, and brings Windom Earle’s dossier—which reveals some astounding coincidences; Cooper woos Annie with a joke about two penguins and is directed to Owl Cave. Cooper returns to Owl Cave and goes on a nature study with Annie; Windom Earle takes a pawn; Lana schemes to win the Miss Twin Peaks pageant. Major Briggs uncovers some interesting info on Windom Earle’s involvement in Project Blue Book and goes for a walk in the woods; Jack’s partner in Brazil is murdered; Leo attempts to overwhelm Windom Earle; Andrew and Catherine open the second and third boxes of Eckhart’s gift. Leo sets Major Briggs loose; Andy is mesmerized by the Owl Cave map; Andrew opens the final box; Lucy makes her choice; Miss Twin Peaks is chosen. Nadine regains her memory; Ben confronts the Hayward family; Audrey practices civil disobedience; Andrew and Pete use the key; Mrs. Palmer delivers a message to Major Briggs; to rescue Annie, Cooper follows Windom Earle into the Black Lodge.
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me Twin Peaks: Missing Pieces Twin Peaks: An Access Guide to the Town Twin Peaks: Palmer Family Interview The Secret History of Twin Peaks
Fire Walk With Me Missing Pieces Twin Peaks: An Access Guide to the Town "Palmer Family Interview" The Secret History of Twin Peaks
Movie Deleted Scenes from
Fire Walk With Me
Book Bonus Feature on
Twin Peaks: The Complete Mystery Blu-ray set
A year earlier, FBI Agent Chet Desmond investigates the murder of Teresa Banks which leads to a chain of events involving Agent Cooper and the last days of Laura Palmer. These things also happened. A visitor's access guide to the town of Twin Peaks, Washington. David Lynch interviews the living and dead members of the Palmer family. A 2016 crime scene turns up a mysterious dossier about the town of Twin Peaks.
25 Years Later
Twin Peaks: My Log Has a Message for You Twin Peaks: The Stars Turn and a Time Presents Itself Twin Peaks: Call for Help Twin Peaks: ...Brings Back Some Memories Twin Peaks: Case Files
"My Log Has a
Message for You"
"The Stars Turn and a Time Presents Itself" "Call for Help" "...Brings Back Some Memories" "Case Files"
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
25 years after the disappearance of Agent Cooper, new events begin to stir. Laura Palmer tells Cooper he can leave the Lodge soon; Hawk makes a night trek to Glastonbury Grove. Cooper's journey continues; Jacoby does some painting; is it the bunny? Dougie goes home; Gordon, Albert, and Tammy pay a visit to Cooper in jail. Dougie returns to work; Shelly lends her daughter some money; Mr. C makes a phone call.
Twin Peaks: Don't Die Twin Peaks: There's a Body All Right Twin Peaks: Gotta Light? Twin Peaks: This is the Chair Twin Peaks: Laura is the One
"Don't Die" "There's a Body All Right" "Gotta Light?" "This Is the Chair" "Laura Is the One"
Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10
Dougie redeems himself at work; Janey-E faces the loan sharks; Hawk discovers the link to his native heritage. Hawk lets Sheriff Truman in on his findings; Dougie and Janey-E come under attack by Ike the Spike; Diane visits Cooper in jail. "When Man entered the Atomic Age, he opened the door to a new world. What we may eventually find in that new world, nobody can predict." The Fusco detectives obtain information about Dougie's past; Bobby and the sheriff's department receive information from Major Briggs; Hastings describes his visit to another dimension. Richard goes on the offensive; Janey-E finds a use for Dougie; the Mitchum Brothers have a new target; Gordon makes some connections; Hawk receives advice from the Log Lady.
Twin Peaks: There's Fire Where You Are Going Twin Peaks: Let's Rock Twin Peaks: What Story is That, Charlie? Twin Peaks: We Are Like the Dreamer Twin Peaks: There's Some Fear in Letting Go
"There's Fire Where
You Are Going"
"Let's Rock" "What Story is That, Charlie?" "We Are Like the Dreamer" "There's Some Fear in Letting Go"
Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15
The FBI team and Detective Macklay have a disturbing and deadly encounter with a Woodsman; Hawk explains an ancient map to Truman; the Mitchum brothers finally get their hands on Dougie. Tammy is invited to join the Blue Rose task force; Diane lends a hand; Sarah has an incident; Billy is still missing. Mr. C faces a challenge; Sinclair plots a move against Dougie; Jacoby bumps into his former patient, Nadine; Big Ed and James pine for the women not in their lives. Gordon begins to fill in some blanks; Bobby leads the sheriff and deputies to Jack Rabbit's Palace; Freddie discusses his destiny with James; Sarah goes to a bar for a drink. Big Ed finds himself free; Mr. C talks to Phillip Jeffries; Dougie-Cooper comes to a shocking realization; Hawk receives a final message.
Twin Peaks: No Knock, No Doorbell Twin Peaks: The Past Dictates the Future Twin Peaks: What is Your Name? Twin Peaks: The Final Dossier  
"No Knock, No Doorbell" The Past Dictates the Future "What Is Your Name?" The Final Dossier  
Part 16 Part 17 Part 18 Novel
Mr. C takes Richard to visit the coordinates; Cooper awakes from his coma; Diane makes a confession; Audrey visits the Roadhouse. Gordon discloses previously classified information about Cooper to his cohorts; Jerry finally makes a connection; Mr. C is redirected; Cooper arrives in Twin Peaks; temporal transmutations ensue. It's not nice to mess with Father Time. Agent Preston submits her follow-up report of the Cooper investigation and the events in Twin Peaks 25 years after Cooper's disappearance.  
Sidebar Studies
The Devil's Guard Psych: Dual Spires Psychic Self-Defence    
The Devil's Guard "Dual Spires"      
Novel Psych TV episode Psychic Self-Defence
In the 1920s, adventurers Jimgrim and Ramsden begin a quest to rescue an old acquaintance from the clutches of the dupgas of the Black Lodge in Tibet. A psychic detective and his partner visit a strange small town in the American northwest and stumble into the murder of a beautiful teenage girl whose body is found on the shore of a local lake. Practical instructions for the detection of psychic attacks and the defence against them.