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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Twin Peaks: Laura is the One Twin Peaks
Laura is the One"
Season Three, Part 10
Written by Mark Frost & David Lynch
Directed by David Lynch
Original air date: July 16, 2017


Richard goes on the offensive; Janey-E finds a use for Dougie; the Mitchum Brothers have a new target; Gordon makes some connections; Hawk receives advice from the Log Lady.


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Characters appearing or mentioned in this episode


Richard Horne

Miriam Sullivan

Chad Broxford

Carl Rodd

Steven Burnett

Becky Burnett

Rodney Mitchum


Bradley Mitchum

Dr. Ben

Agent Cooper

Janey-E Jones

Sonny Jim Jones





Ike the Spike (in news coverage)

Detective T. Fusco

Detective "Smiley" Fusco

Detective D. Fusco

Lawrence Jacoby

Nadine Hurley

Lucy Brennan

Marvin Marcia

Miriam Hodges

Gary Hashimoto (mentioned only)

Scott Fritschler (mentioned only)

Johnny Horne

Sylvia Horne

Ben Horne

Sheriff Frank Truman (mentioned only)

Duncan Todd


Anthony Sinclair

Albert Rosenfield

Constance Talbot

Gordon Cole

Tamara Preston


Mr. C (in photo only)

floating monk

Beverly Page

Log Lady




Didja Notice?


Richard Horne's car is a 1996 Saturn SL. Saturn was an American car company from 1985-2010.


At 5:08 on the Blu-ray, Carl is singing "Red River Valley", an old folk song by unknown authors, most likely originating in the 1800s.


Carl's trailer has a sign in front reading "9:30 AM (NEVER BEFORE !!!!) - 5:30 PM). This is similar to the note he had written on his door at the old Fat Trout Trailer Park in Fire Walk With Me.


Dougie's doctor, Dr. Ben, is portrayed by John Billingsley, best known as Dr. Phlox on Star Trek: Voyager.


The male newscaster called Paul on Las Vegas TV station KQRY 12 at 12:49 on the Blu-ray is portrayed by Greg Mills, a real world news anchor on Los Angeles stations KCBS and KCAL. KQRY is a fictitious TV station.


Nadine has parlayed her silent drapery runner invention (from Episode 3: "Rest in Pain") into a drapery shop called Run Silent, Run Drapes. The name is a play on the 1955 novel and 1958 film adaption Run Silent, Run Deep, about submarine warfare during WWII. The on-location exterior of the business is located at 116 W North Bend Way, North Bend, WA, across the street catty-corner from Twede's Cafe (the RR!).


The postal delivery vehicle seen at 22:59 on the Blu-ray is an AM General DJ-5 Dispatcher with WA license plate L5398X.


    At 23:15 on the Blu-ray, Chad pulls Miriam Hodges' letter from the mail delivered to the sheriff's station to prevent the letter's alleged revelation that Richard Horne was the hit-and-driver who killed a little boy in town. But the closing credits of the episode list Miriam's last name as Sullivan, not Hodges. Did Chad get the wrong letter? (Producer Sabrina S. Sutherland later acknowledged that the last name on the letter was a production mistake.)

    Meriam's letter has a return address of just "Twin Peaks, WA", no street address. The zip code on it reads 98705 or 98785, neither of which are actual zip codes and do not match any of the several others seen for the town of Twin Peaks in the past!

    Meriam's envelope states that the sheriff's station is on Main Street in Twin Peaks.


    Other letters seen in the sheriff station's mail are from Marvin Mancia, Gary Hashimoto, and Scott Fritschler. Possibly Gary Hashimoto worked in the props department of the series, though he's not listed in the credits; a man by that name worked in that capacity on the TV series Everybody Hates Chris and the film Jack the Bear. Marvin Mancia's return address is on Elmford Row Pl. in Twin Peaks.

    Another envelope is from Pentes Pipe Supply, 2440 SW Marconinia Ave., Tacoma WA 98412. This appears to be a fictitious business and address, though 98412 is an actual zip code for the city of Tacoma.

   The postage on the letters shows 49¢, suggesting our story takes place in 2014 or later (U.S. postage rates rose to 49¢ in January 2014). 


    Johnny Horne's teddy bear with a plastic ball head that repeats, "Hello, Johnny, how are you today?" has a face similar to that of the main character (Randy) in David Lynch's 2002 online animated short series Dumbland. Lynch drew the animated images of Dumbland himself, so it seems likely he is also the one who drew the face on the plastic ball-head of Johnny's teddy bear.
   Is there any connection (or inference) of the headless teddy bear (w/ replaced plastic ball head) to the headless bodies of Major Briggs and Ruth Davenport?
teddy bear Randy
Johnny's talking teddy bear Randy from Dumbland


    At 24:52 on the Blu-ray, what looks like a blue laser light shows on Johnny's blue right pant leg, shortly after appearing on his left. Is there any significance to this? Is it just some kind of accidental reflection from off-camera equipment?

    Maybe the blue light is an indication that we should pay attention to Johnny? Does Johnny have a connection to the other world? Is Johnny's mental disability related to that of Dougie Cooper? Is Candy the casino girl's seeming "dimness" also related to the mental issues of Johnny and/or Dougie Cooper?

   When Richard storms into the house and threatens Sylvia, the normally oblivious Johnny looks in the direction of the struggle and begins to strain against the bonds securing him in his chair, as if he wants to go to her aid. This may be similar to the generally stupified Dougie Cooper immediately coming to the aid of Janey-E when Ike attacks her.


The house where Sylvia Horne lives with Johnny is at address 7318 (we never see the street name). We don't even know for sure if it's in Twin Peaks, though it is likely fairly close to the town since her grandson Richard shows up there.


Grabbing her by the throat, Richard Horne threatens to "squeeze the shit" out of his grandmother and that he'll then cornhole Johnny. "Cornhole" is a slang term for anal sex.


A barely-started jigsaw puzzle is seen on Sylvia's table at the seat next to Johnny's. Does Sylvia enjoy jigsaw puzzles to fill her time?


    At 30:44 on the Blu-ray, a woman carries a miniature French flag as she walks through the hotel restaurant where Albert and Constance are having dinner.

    It looks as if Albert and Constance may be developing an attraction to each other. In the previous episode (Part 9: "This is the Chair"), the pair matched each other for sarcastic remarks. 


At 38:31 on the Blu-ray, Candie and the girls fix Bradley Mitchum a martini with Aviation American Gin and Martini vermouth.


At 38:59 on the Blu-ray, Rodney Mitchum says, "Now I know how Brando felt." This is likely a reference to actor Marlon Brando and his mafia character of Vito Corleone in the 1972 mafia crime film The Godfather.


What is the significance of Gordon's drawing at 41:04 on the Blu-ray? It looks like a deer with rather strange antlers, almost like miniature trees. The art was surely drawn entirely by Lynch himself, as it a similar stylization to other things he has drawn in his artistic career. After Gordon steps away from it to answer the door, the camera zooms in on the drawing and lingers on it for a moment, so it seems as if it must be important.

Gordon's deer drawing


When Gordon answers his hotel room door at 40:47 on the Blu-ray, he briefly sees a crying Laura Palmer before it resolves into Albert. A disotrted voice is also heard shouting her name. The shot of Laura is from Fire Walk With Me when she knocks on the Hayward's door to be comforted by Donna, but who is the voice? Is the voice Sarah? And why did Gordon see Laura at that moment? What does it mean? Does Gordon have a sixth sense that the timeline is changing from one where Laura died to one where she didn't (as later suggested in Part 17: "The Past Dictates the Future" and The Final Dossier)?


As Tammy approaches Gordon's hotel room at 42:26 on the Blu-ray, notice that the film is slowed slightly, giving it a dream-like pace, until the moment she reaches Gordon's door, then the speed is back to normal as she knocks. Why did this occur? Is there a residue of Laura's presence still in the hallway? Tammy does not seem to notice the slow effect herself. 


At 43:02 on Blu-ray, Tammy shows Gordon and Albert a photo capture from one of the earliest video cards at the New York penthouse where the glass cage was installed. It depicts Mr. C in a meet-up with a bald, spectacled man. Is the man wearing a robe or a lab coat? A zoom on the screenshot does look like he might be wearing a necktie, so that would suggest his outer garment is a lab coat. It's hard to tell from the darkness and framing of the photo, but the man almost looks as if he is sitting cross-legged apparantly in mid-air! Or is it just a man who has his left foot raised up and resting on a box or something? If it is a standing man, he is awfully tall; look at the difference between him and Mr. C! If he is floating, it would explain why he seems tall. Who is this man? Is he another giant? Is he a dugpa of the Black Lodge? Is he just a hired technician? Mr. C and friend


After Sylvia hangs up on him after she reports Richard's assault on her, Ben is visibly irritated and maybe depressed. Holding his face in his hands he asks Beverly in her outer office if she wants to have dinner with him. We don't hear her response and never see whether the two do dine together. Does he ask her simply because he wants some pleasant company during this moment? Or has he decided to stop resisting his attraction to her and her obvious attraction to him? It seems that Ben is separated from Sylvia, not divorced, as he is still wearing a wedding ring and it is obvious they are no longer living together. If Ben does enter a romantic or sexual relationship with Beverly, is this a backslide for him from the goodness he seems to have achieved since his more wicked days in the original series? A physical relationship with Beverly would still be improper for him because Beverly is married herself and she is also his subordinate in the Great Northern business structure.


At the end of the phone scene between Hawk and the Log Lady, the Log Lady tells Hawk, "Laura is the one." She also used this phrase in the Log Lady Intro segment of the pilot episode of the original series (see Episode 0A: "Wrapped in Plastic"). In that segment she said, "The one leading to the many is Laura Palmer. Laura is the one."


    At the Roadhouse at the end of the episode, Rebekah Del Rio performs her 2011 song "No Stars." The song was co-written with her by David Lynch and John Neff in 2001. The lyrics variate between English and Spanish. The guitarist on stage with Del Rio is Moby, another singer-songwriter-musician.


    Del Rio also appeared as a singer in Lynch's Mulholland Drive


Memorable Dialog



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